04 March 2010

A While Between Posts

Howdy everyone,

I know its been a while between posts, but things have been changing around here, Hubby resigned from his job driving the Car Carrier as the hours were very long some days, like starting at 3.00am and not finishing till 6.30pm, now thats a long day...But he went to a new job straight away, he is only 7mins drive from work, so no more getting up at 3.00am and starting, he now starts at 6.45am most days and sometimes on the occasional day like today he starts at 6.00am, but he does his 8hr day and then comes home, he is usually home just after 3.30pm - 4.00pm..

We recently celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary, boy it doesn't seem like that long, but we love each other more and more every day.

I have a new car, (See pics above), its a 2001 VX Commodore, Black in Colour, Automatic, I love my commodores..this car use to belong to a Newcastle Knights Footballer, which I can't name on my blog, but I must say he is a very strong part of the Knights, so you can probably figure it out for yourself.

Not much happening on the scrapbooking front, i have recently went to a Midnight Crop, at my local Scrapbooking Store "Scrappychic Scrapbooking", its only 1 block from my house, so a friend named "June" from work and I went down and had a ball, lots of laughs but also completed the projects we started out to do. Mine will come in later post...

Kosmo, Beaver, & Jaws are all doing well, growing as usual, Beaver had his 2nd Birthday on February 14th (fancy that a Valentine's Cat).... Jaws is still chewing on anything he can get too...LOL, and well Kosmo is still Kosmo, trying to talk to us all the time, wanting to come inside and lay in the airconditioning.

I will leave you now with some recent photos of the animals and my new car, I am sorry to be a slack blogger, but work is prevailing at the moment, almost finished one annual directory and on to the next one...........

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