28 March 2010

Book Review - "BLOOD STAIN" -- Peter Lalor

I have just finished reading a true story and this is what it was all about, not normally something I would read as I am a romancey type book reader.

On 29 February 2000, Katherine Knight committed an unspeakable act. A mother of four and a grandmother, she seduced and then stabbed John Price 37 times. A former abattoir worker, she skinned him. A loving partner, she cooked him with vegetables, making a soup with his head, Made gravy. Left him on plates for his family. Why? Pricey was her de facto and he wanted out, She didn't like that.
People said that most of the time Katherine Knight seemed normal.... until she got angry. She was judged to be legally sane when she committed a crime so horrible that the media shied away from the detail.

Journalist Peter Lalor covered the trial and wanted to know what made Kngith go away over the borderline.. In this unflinching account he uncovers the layers of her dysfunction, opening the door of 84 St Andrews Street and taking us into the lives of Knight's ex-partners, her fmaily and the locals of Aberdeen, NSW.

Katherine Knight is currently the only woman serving a life sentence in Australia. She is never to be released..

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Thanks for reading it.

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