01 November 2009

Weekend with my Nephew

This weekend has been the best weekend as I have had my 15yr old nephew "Sully", since Friday night, and he is going back home today...We haven't done much but its been good, yesterday we went up to Stockton Beach in our 4WD and were going to go fishing but the wind was a bit strong, we we just played on the beach for awhile, Sully went for a swim so did Kosmo, Jaws just ran up and down the beach at the shoreline he doesn't like the water at this stage but I will show him next time, as the water is still a bit cold for me at the moment..Then we came home and watched TV and we let Sully use our computer to chat with his friends on MSN..

Today we went shopping then to the park so Brett and him could kick the ball together. Well its almost time for Sully to go home, but he will be back for the weekend again in 4 weeks time...

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