24 May 2009

Week 17 -- The Diet

Well what can I say? Let me tell you I was surprised today when we went to weigh-in, I have lost another 1.3kgs which means I have now lost 9.5kgs and only have 500grams to go till I have reached my first goal and that is 10kgs ( thats heavy just pick up a bag of 10kgs of Potatoes), and Brett has lost another 500grams (1/2kg).

I have to tell you though, I would have thought I wouldn't have lost any neither did Brett, as last week was a really hard week for me emotionally, I was pretty down, and I mean down, but am now on the otherside looking forward and up, so last week there was no exercising and lots of naughty food, well some naughty food like Chocolate..

This week and next I will be working really hard toward me loosing that 500grams, and reaching that first major goal on my weight loss journey...This week I leave you with a photo that my cousin took of me, it was taken 2 weeks ago last Friday. I look forward to your comments.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Yay!! Glad your weekend ended well dispite the hicups!!
Hope that your feeling a bit beteer emotionally this week!