26 April 2009

Week 13 - Come and Gone again

Well Week 13 has come and gone in a flash, but work wise it was the longest week in history I reckon LOL LOL.

Good news to report I have now lost 8.6kgs since starting 13 weeks ago.

Which means in the last 2 weeks I have lost 2.3kgs, WOW... So 13 weeks ago when I started I was 123.9kgs and I am now 115.3kgs, I am only 1.4kgs off reaching my first goal of 113.9kgs. I know I can do this.

My Body Mass Index (BMI) when I started was 37.8 and its slowing coming down and we are at 34.8.

I am now weighing myself every two weeks so I will then update my blog about my weight again in 2 weeks time.


Tracey said...

Congratulation Lisa what a wonderful achievement to have lost so much weight and be so close to your goal. Hopefully next weigh in you will have reached your goal my fingers are crossed and so are my toes.
Hugs & Kisses to Kosmo and beaver.

Jodi said...

Lisa, you are looking wonderful!! What a great job your doing!!