13 April 2009

Happy Easter

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to wish everyone out there in blogging land a very "Happy Easter" from Lisa, Brett, Kosmo & Beaver. For the last 4 days we have been spending our time up at Stockton Beach fishing, well Brett anyway, Kosmo and I have been playing in the sand, I have been reading my book, we have had other family members with us including my sister in-law Liz, her husband Victor, and my nephews Sully & Jai.

Kosmo absolutely adores the boys like they adore him, he has been chasing them, jumping up on them, playing in the water with them, digging holes as well as trying to eat the bait (EEWW Pilchards), as well as having a sleep in the sand as well.. Kosmo even lets the kids kind of bury him..LOL LOL LOL...

Here are some pictures of Kosmo at the Stockton beach taken over Easter.

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