08 March 2009

Weigh in time once again - Week 6

Hi everyone,

Its been a really big 2 weeks for me work wise, getting a publication ready for publishing. Well its finally done, and will be published in late March 2009, and even though some of the days were tough and stressful, you would all be proud of me, cause I didn't fall into the "Lets have some bad food cause i feel stressed", I continued along, with my thought of knowing I have come so far, and don't want to put any back on, this is how determined I am to do this.

Weigh in day was on Thursday but I did it on Wednesday, and to my surprise I have lost another 2kgs which means in 6 weeks I have lost a total of 3.7kgs and I am totally happy with that...Still walking everyday, going a little further each day. I am feeling good too, actually feeling better for it as well. I haven't taken an updated photo of myself, hang on i will just go take one outside and be back, LOL. Well ok I just took one, take a look, I am not really good at taking photos of myself.

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