31 January 2009


Last Monday was Australia Day, and hubby and I went down to Darling Harbour in Sydney for the day, what a great place, lots of people, lots to do.

We arrived in Sydney around 9.15am, First of all we went to the Sydney Wildlife Park, we seen lots of Cuddly Koalas (which i have decided I would like as a pet LOL LOL), snakes, reptiles, Kangaroos, Wombats,Caroways, loads and loads of coloured Butterflies, Spiders....just to name a few. I must have taken about 100 photos of more just at the Wildlife Park, we didn't go to the Aquarium, we went to the National Maritime Museum, that is an interesting place, we took a few more photos there as well, we seen a Navy Ship and Submarine that had docked in Darling Harbour, lots of cruise boats, there was some street theatre going on, and darling Hubby even got to be part of "Psycho Sam" 1hr show..

We had lunch at a little Indian Cafe, hubby had a rump steak and chips and I had Chicken and Wedges, I got a couple of Australian Flags, they were giving these away for Free.. When we were at the Wildlife Park we went into the bird enclosure and this beautiful coloured Parrot just flew over and sat on Bretts head then decided he was going to fly down to Bretts shirt pocket and sit on it and chew it.

All in all it was a great day, it was overcast till after lunch when the sun came out and became very hot, but as the weather warmed up thats when all the people started coming into Darling Harbour, we left Sydney at 3.30pm to come home, and we had walked around all day since we had got there...

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