22 November 2008

"SOLO" The Kitten --- Kempsey RSPCA

Mum got a surprise phone call during the week from Carol at the RSPCA Kempsey (she looks after and cares for all the Cats and Kittens that come into care there at the RSPCA Kempsey).

Carol had received a call to say there was an abandoned 3 week old Kitten out near South West Rocks, she had taken him into care and apparently he has all the same markings and traits that our "Beaver" ( thats where Beaver came from Kempsey), did when he was that age, and seeing as we brought him from her and the love I have for animals, she would like Mum to name the new little Kitten which she had named Beaver from the time she saw him.
So after thinking about it for a few hours, my Mum came up with the name "SOLO
as he was the only one rescued, also we gave him his name after "Solo" Emelia from Gunnedah's horsey.

Here is the latest picture of Beaver and as usual he is sleeping...

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Jodi said...

Oh, isnt that sweet!! Solo the kitty and solo the horsey!!