05 October 2008


This picture was taken in April 2007, at my Mum's Uncle Warrens house, when she first got to meet her cousin Margaret for the first time in many many years, I think Mum said since she was about 10 or so.......From left to right in the pic: Amanda, My Mum and Margaret.....They are all getting together again next Friday night for a bbq as Margaret is coming down for a visit, and my Mum can't wait to see her.
My mum has another cousin she didn't know about till recently.. Her name is Patricia and lives in South Australia.....They have found each other thru Facebook, I reckon my Mum is pretty stoked about finding her... Well I will update this photo again for you all after Mum has had the bbq....
Love Kosmo XOXOXO

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Jodi said...

Its great Mum is catching up with all her rellys. its facebook rgeat for that!!