26 September 2008


Hey everyone,

You need to watch this blog, as soon Mum will be blogging up the story she wrote about Beaver and Me taking a holiday on our own, its quite comical, and I reckon if it were true Beaver and Myself would be famous... A little like "Milo & Ottis", do you remember that movie...

Well tell then, you all behave yourself...and big Kisses and Hugs to Jodi....If you need our help to deal with that aweful lady just give us a call on 1800 Kosmobeaver, and we'll come up to Gunnedah and deal with her.............LOL.................LOL

Love Kosmo & Beaver


1 comment:

Jodi said...

Oh Beaver!!
I dont ave my own dog so that would be very helpful!!!
You would have to take my cat Conan as well though, otherwise he might fell left out!!!